National Bongo Day 2020

The last time Bongo Fury held a National Bongo Day was February 2013 when Bongo Fury celebrated 10 years of the owners club. Next year, on Sunday 10 May, they will have another one, this time for the 25th anniversary of the Mazda Bongo itself.

The very first Bongo for sale to the public (chassis number SGL3-100005) rolled off the production line on 8 May 1995.  As a public holiday has already been declared for Friday 8 May (VE Day anniversary) Bongo Fury will be holding their own celebrations on the Sunday 10 May.  A series of day meetings will be held around the UK where you can meet fellow Bongo owners. Bongo Fury will be arranging these events in conjunction with the various facebook groups, so make sure you are free. Venues will be announced in the March newsletter.

If you want to help organise a meeting or nominate a venue then get in touch. Here are some things to consider. Ideally, it should be an open space where vehicles can congregate off the road.

• Car parks at pubs or the seafront, or your local park, are good venues.
• Are refreshments available?
• The venue should be dog friendly if possible
• Is there anything nearby to keep the kids entertained?
• What about toilet facilities and disabled access?

Remember that you may need to get permission from the landowner or manager.

Contact Bongo Fury if you are a member and if you want to help out.