Bongo Groups

Photo by Dani BongoClubs and support groups for Bongonauts

Allithwaite Community Field Bongo Camping (facebook group)

Bongo Babes (facebook page)

Bongo Fury UK (Sheffield based) with worldwide membership, including: New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, Bermuda, Namibia, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Germany… and still growing.

Stourport 2017

Stuart Coates - Sunrise -

Bongo Metalheadz for lovers of Rock music (facebook page)

Bongo Owners North East North East (facebook page)

Bongo Owners Scotland Scotland (facebook page)

Cornish Mazda Bongo Owners Cornwall (facebook page)

Eastside and London bongo owners group Essex, East Anglia and Kent (facebook group)

Manchester Mazda Bongo Owners (facebook group)

Mazda Bongo National (facebook group)

Mazda Bongo And Ford Freda Owners And Businesses (A facebook page by Royston Heath)

Mazda Bongo – Bristol area owners Bristol (facebook page)

Mazda Bongo Enthusiasts UK Wiltshire (facebook group, catering for Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset)

Mazda Bongo Owners (facebook group). Bongo Forum (facebook page) and Bongo Forum (website)

Mazda Bongo Owners Devon Devon (facebook page)

Images created by Kate McCormack - Bongo Owners Club National (original facebook group with over 10,000 members)

Mazda Bongo Owners Helpful group (UK) (Over 1,000 members)

Mazda Bongo’s & Camper Vans United (facebook group)

Midlands Bongo Owners Midlands (facebook group)

North Wales camper vans Wales (facebook group)

Single Parent Bongonauts National (facebook group)

Southern Bongo Group (facebook group)

South Wales and Cardiff Bongo Owners (facebook group)

The Mazda bongo/Ford Freda Owners Club (facebook group)

The Mazda Bongo Friendee & Ford Freda Owners Club (Read about the club here) (website)

Welsh Bongo and Freda Owners Group Wales (facebook group)

Yorkshire Bongo and Freda Group Yorkshire (facebook group)

Yorkshire meet at Settle - April 2017 -

Other groups that may interest you

Campervan overnight parking (facebook page)

Scottish Motorhome Wildcampers (facebook)

Self Build Campers And Real Life (facebook)