There are quite a few companies that have insured Bongos. As I discover more, this list will expand. A number of Bongo owners, who are members of Bongo Fury, have also received insurance discounts with the Lifesure Group, but some insurers may give you a discount, just because you belong to a vehicle club.

Note: Your insurance quote is based on what your registration document says your Bongo is. Some are converted and registered as campervans or motorhomes and some unconverted are registered as MPVs. (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). Campervan/motorhome registered vehicles are generally cheaper to insure and this may be why some Bongo owners appear to get better deals than others.

Insurance Quotes NI (a comparative quote service provided by Bongo Fury)

If you use any of these, please mention seeing them listed on the Bongo Buddy website, not because I have any deals with them – most do not even know they are on here, but just because it spreads the word about the website.

2Gether Insurance – mentioned positively by a few Bongo owners, but not by everyone.

Admiral – mentioned favourably by several Bongo owners

Adrian Flux – This insurer has been highly recommended by some Bongo owners, but not by others. Particular factors must affect the quotes. I will leave them on here, just to note that they have received mixed reviews from Bongo owners.

Brentacre – Through my own experience, friendly and helpful with a fast email response. Very good about modifications – in fact, the more you have, the more they seem to like you. (Direct link to campervans)

Caravanwise Limited – Day Van insurance for Mazda Bongos that have a permanently installed bed. This can be a Rock and Roll bed, or similar 6′ bed, or converted from fixed vehicle seats. Also offer insurance for DIY and professional camper van conversions. (Club and Group members can claim a discount).

Legal & General – mentioned by a Bongo owner

Lifesure – favourably mentioned by more than one Bongo owner. (Bongo Fury members can also receive up to 20% discount)

Privilege – mentioned by a Bongo owner

The Mazda Bongo Friendee & Ford Freda Owners Club – Online insurance quotes

Comparison and multi-vehicle sites

Admiral – multicar

Direct Line – multicar

Esure – cashback and multicar

Go Compare – various

Top Cashback – various

ADACEuropean recovery insurance (Although it says you should have a German residence, many people suggest phoning them directly and say they are very helpful at arranging cover).


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