Photo by RM - View at Green Man

Not only is a Bongo incredibly versatile – but it’s a lot of fun too! Here are a few images, kindly provided by Bongo owners. (Click to enlarge and read credits).

Read an article about Andy’s Imports and owning a Bongo: Part 1 and Part 2

Bongoing by Philip H - wonderful photo supplied by Bongo owner, Philip H, of a very happy Bongoing trio

It’s rare, if ever, I include a non-Bongo photograph on this website, but the imagery below, by James, really sums up the experience many of us have when travelling around in our vans, whatever their make…

'My year in pictures' by James Brown -

Plenty of room for all that adventure gear we like to take with us…

Photo by Stuart Coates - The Lakes -

Look out! There are people appearing everywhere…

Photo by Marie Birkett  Bongo fun by Jayne Fisher

To say that people love their Bongos is probably an understatement!

Photo by John Mono - 'Bilbo love'

Bongo Nights by Richard HarrisAnd some people even write about their Bongo adventures. Check out this book by Richard Harris. (More…)

Blog off in a Bongo -… and this book by Pat Heaven: Blog Off in a Bongo – One woman and her dog: Campervan Travels around the British Coast.

A travelogue of a woman’s 18-month journey around the entire coast of Britain in her Mazda Bongo campervan.


Bongo book by Chris PayneA Bongo book by Chris Payne (get it here)

“Our enthusiasm in deciding to buy a Mazda Bongo…”



Exploring beautiful locations, where bigger motorhomes might struggle to access…

Photo by Stuart Coates - The Lakes -

Preparing for those gourmet meals…

'The Life' by Gwyneth Worthington -

And what a perfect adventure for the boys…

Photo by Caryl Ingman - Camping with the Boys

And sometimes, you arrive in some wild and wonderful places…

Photo by Grant Hyatt - Elan Valley

Sometimes, travelling light, using just a tarp style awning, offers a lot of flexibility and ease of set-up for those shorter stops…

Photo by Taff Goldsmith - Llyn Brianne, Wales

And when you see that perfect scene… don’t forget to include your Bongo…

Stuart Coates - Sunrise -

Michael Hinchcliffe‎ - North - Wales

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