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Image created by Rosanna GarnerWhen you start out with your Bongo, you may wish to begin with staying on proper commercial camp sites. This gives you an opportunity to try out or test your equipment in a secure and controlled environment. Another good way of gaining experience, is to join a local group of Bongo enthusiasts, who often arrange meetups for their members and offer a lot of support, Bongo related advice, and group friendship.

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Wild camping by Dave Westgarth -, there may come a time when you want to go it alone, or set off on your own adventure, without having to fit in with a specific schedule or pay for facilities you can manage without. You are now in the territory of what is sometimes known as, ‘wild camping’.

Some links to get you started

Brit Stops – book of free wild stops. (Having a copy of the directory also acts as your membership of Brit Stops and you will also receive occasional email bulletin updates of changes and additions) (facebook page)

Campingpubs (facebook group)

Cheap Campsites In The U.k & Ireland (facebook group)

Dartmoor’s Edge Campsite (no ehu) (facebook page)

I Love This Campsite

Motorhome Wild Camping – information has been compiled from many places publicly available on the internet. Includes pub stopovers

Nearly Wild Camping – a network of diverse locations across the UK offering Nearly Wild Camping experiences

Nomad GB – a points of interest map for motorhome owners

Open all Year under £10 sites (facebook group)

Park4night Sharing spots to relax with your camper, your equipped van or normal van. (Also an App available)

Park Resorts – various options and some touring spots low-priced

Pitch Up – search for campsites, holiday parks, and wild camping

Practical Motorhome – Nightstops

Search for Sites – Campsites and motorhome parking places in Western Europe

The Caravan Club – included here for impartiality, but check allowable motorhome variants before joining

The Camping & Caravanning Club – less concerned with motorhome variants than above

UK Campsite – online destinations for caravanners and campers

UK Motorhomes listing of (non-campsite) overnight stopovers for motorhomes in the UK and Ireland. Direct link to their stopovers page and map.

Via Michelin – route planner

Tan Hill Inn by Drew Peacock - Peacock at a rather bleak Tan Hill Inn, Swaledale, mid February.

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