Bongo Fury – Tough Northerners

Friday 23 to Sunday 25 March 2018
Ian and Marianne Maynard, of Bongo Fury, organised this event, although were unable to attend.

Journey to Dent -
The last part of my journey took me along a single track road through a wonderful and isolated landscape where the road ahead often disappeared.

The ground was quite soggy on arrival and remained so for the duration of the meet. Some rain on the Friday afternoon gave way to drier weather for the weekend. On the Saturday morning, the sun came out and a small group of us went for a circular walk, starting at Flintergill and 6 miles later, returning to camp. (Click on images to enlarge).



You can just spot the line of Bongos, in the distance (above left) with the main village of Dent, to the right and centre.

Bongo lineup -’m fourth along, counting from the left. At least another twelve Bongos are parked in the same line, in the other direction.

Moorland -



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