Batteries & Electric (EHU)

16A EHU LeadEHU Lead with fused socketsDepending on where you stay, you may be able to have electric hook up (EHU), or you may have to run things from your leisure battery (if you have one fitted).

Some people have conversions with power points already fitted and only require a connection lead (see image top left). Others may have unconverted vehicles, but can still enjoy mains hook up by using a fused extension lead (see image top right). But what equipment can you run from these? Some useful information can be found here, on the Camping and Caravanning Club website.

It is not advisable to run ancillary items off your main van battery. You want to be able to start the van when it’s time to leave the site. Most people have leisure batteries – in a Bongo, located on the opposite side to┬áthe main starter battery. Some people also add solar roof panels to keep their batteries charged.

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