Decals & Stickers

Lindsay Webber - after decalsLindsay Webber - before decalsIf you need to replace your decals, or wish to change them completely, here are some places you can visit.

Decal Central (facebook page)

Ginmark Designs – bespoke decals (facebook page)

Hippy Motors – unique vehicle stickers (and facebook page)

Signtech (for original Bongo stickers and decals) Also eBay seller ‘zengraphics’

Bongo scene decalStickerbloke (Andrew Davidson – facebook page)



You Pose. ‘Give us a wave’ facebook window sticker and other ‘Bongo goodies’.

Bongo stickers and English instruction labels

Bongo Stickers - Bongonauts, like Andy, make their own stickers as a hobby – and sell some of them on eBay. He even makes English versions of the interior instruction labels, covering AFT operation, tyre pressures, child locks, and seat operation, etc. (If you search ‘Mazda bongo sticker’ on eBay, you should find all of Andy’s stickers, and you can find Andy on eBay, here.).

Andy says: This is ‘a hobby that’s grown out of owning a bongo… My daughter and I make a pilgrimage to Stourport each year and sell a few on the craft stall.’


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