Tips & Tricks

If it’s not in the manual, or you’re a long way from home, some of these tips & tricks from Bongo owners could save your day.

Allan Bugg offers a range of tips on his website, including several PDFs lower down the page..

Cannot remove the ignition key
Click here to see full information.

Cannot raise or lower the AFT (Auto Free Top) roof
There’s nothing quite like an immovable roof to induce panic in a Bongo owner. However, check the following and try again:

  1. Handbrake is on (You’d be surprised how easily this can be forgotten)
  2. Handbrake light is illuminated on the dashboard
  3. Vehicle is in park or neutral
  4. Engine is started (to give more power than the battery on its own)
  5. Check that you have pressed the ‘cancel’ switch in the roof area
  6. Check the number 12, 30 Amp fuse is okay

Raising and lowing the roof

If the handbrake is on, but no handbrake/park light shows on the dashboard (and you know that light has been working), you could remove the centre console and check the connection of the wire on the back of the handbrake.

When the roof is lowered, it stops about two thirds down. Some say (as in the video above) that this is to allow you to double check nothing has been left in the roof space – but you probably already did that. I think it is more likely to allow trapped air to dissipate, allowing full deflation and proper folding of the tent, before the final closure. Pressing the close button again should complete the process.

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