Fog Lamps

I recently had an issue with my front fog lamps not working. The lamps looked pretty new and the fuses were okay. Although I am competent with electrics, I wasn’t really sure where to go next and was beginning to think a full-time auto electrician might need to have a look. I then did my usual, and searched the internet and YouTube. I came across this excellent video. Half an hour later, my fog lights were working, after repairing the broken wires in a connector behind the offside headlamp. This provides the power to the Fog Lamp relay, when the lights are on side or main beam.

Rear Fog Lamp

Rear Fog Lamp - Bongos are fitted with an after market rear fog lamp. Before their new owners started to fit inboard lamps into their rear bumpers, or modify their rear light clusters to create a fog lamp, most vans had a lamp dangling off the bottom of the bumper – my own being a case in point. Just before the MOT, I decided I’d better check it was still working. It had worked previously, but now it wasn’t working. Again, the fuse was okay. I removed the lens cover and checked the bulb. The next thing was to remove the bulb, check it’s filament, and check for rust in the holder. Everything looked okay and the holder was in good condition. I replaced the bulb and rotated it a little in each direction, to ensure a correct fit. Suddenly, it came on. If that hadn’t worked, the next thing would have been to check the lamp terminals with a meter and possibly check for a bad earth.

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