Stourport 2018

The 2018 Bongo Bash at Stourport

Bongo World -

The biggest Bongo event of the year, organised by Bongo Fury and supported by a hard working team of helpers, together with some key Bongo traders – Bongo Spares, New Dawn Conversions, and Karl BAES Chadwick. 269 vans attended this year and Wednesday, the first day, was the busiest it had ever been.

Lickhill Manor Caravan Park - 20 June (Shown above, two of the four field areas used by the event)

Bongo Buddy - Buddy setup. (V6 Bongo)

I wasn’t able to go to the Bash in my own Bongo this year, as I had sold it the month before. However, the Stourport event is one that I enjoyed previously and wanted to attend again. So I had a word with my friends at Bongo Spares and hired one of their Bongo’s.

Bongo Spares Setting Up -  New Dawn Conversions -  Karl BAES Chadwick -
Left to right: Bongo Spares, New Dawn Conversions, Karl BAES Chadwick

Early arrivals - first arrivals on Wednesday (and probably a few of the event ‘helpers’ who arrived on Tuesday)

Stourport Field - Friday and Saturday, the field was impressively full

Stourport first night - evening – getting ready for the band

Watching the Band -

Spot the Bongos - from the riverside path from Stourport

Stourport -

Stourport -

Stourport -

Stourport -

Ice Cream -  Bongo Cushions -  Russ - Top Tent -  Grey SheltaPod -
A few more images, including a grey SheltaPod (previously only seen bright orange or blue)

Bongo Bash Craft Fair - Bongo Bash Craft Fair (Saturday afternoon)

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