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We all need sustenance and when you’re at home, cooking can seem second-nature. But how about when you’re camping out? How do you get on with food and cooking on your Bongo travels?

But first, a note about alcohol 
Alcohol and sleeping in your motorhome

Basically: ‘If you drink more than the drive limit in your motorhome in a “public Place”, then you run a real risk of being found to be “Drunk In Charge” This is an offence on a par with “Drink Driving” and carries similar fines, endorsements and disqualifications.’

What better way to enjoy eating out, than this perfect spread of Billy’s:

Photo by Billy T Thomson - food

The Camper Cookie - bookBongo owner, Pamela Hall, came across this handy book:

The Camper Cookie by Summer Bourne – ‘Easy Recipes and Cool Tips for Your Campervan Life’ is a friendly cookbook full of easy, delicious recipes that you can make in a campervan kitchen.’ (try Amazon)

Here’s someone else who enjoys cooking up a small banquet from his Bongo:

'The Life' by Gwyneth Worthington

Useful items you may like to consider, if you don’t already have them

Cadac Grill – used and recommended by a few Bongo owners. Cost around £100 (Try Amazon, eBay or a general camping store).
Cadac Grill - Bongo Buddy

Ridge Monkey – used and recommended by a few Bongo owners. Cost under £30 (Try Amazon, eBay or a general camping store).
Ridge Monkey - Bongo Buddy

Bongo Barn (see garage services page) has a few Bongo items, including branded mugs that fit mk1 and mk2 bongo cup holders. Visit their shop here.

Bongo Barn Cups -

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