Stourport 2017

The 2017 Bongo Bash at Stourport

A great annual event, organised by Bongo Fury and supported by a hard working team of helpers. 222 vans attended this year. One of the best opportunities to meet fellow Bongonauts and make new friends. Also a good time to get a few jobs done on your van, with the help of visiting specialists, such as Bongo Spares, Dawn Conversions, and Karl Chadwick – not to mention some expert insights from people such as Geoff Mather, Royston Heath, etc. It’s almost impossible to see everyone, and sometimes you realise you missed a few that you know, but didn’t manage to find!

Bongo Fury organised a few events for members, including a couple of local live bands and a coach trip.

Bongo Bash Arrival 2017

Bongo Fury at Stourport 2017


Stourport 2017

Frisky at Stourport
Arrival day – Frisky Bongo, far right – Bongo Buddy flag

French ConnectionWild Willy Barrett’s French Connection – Friday 23 June 2017

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