An informal wild camp gathering

Friday 27 to Sunday 29 October 2017
A few Bongonauts decided to meet at Tackeroo, the Forestry Commission woodland, in Cannock, Staffordshire, West Midlands.

Tackeroo - bongobuddy.co.uk

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it on the Friday, for the Ridge Monkey ‘Tackeroo Toastyoff’… but here’s a very excellent video by¬†Briwy.

Tackeroo walk in Cannock - bongobuddy.co.ukWhen I arrived on Saturday, I was just in time to go for a morning walk with friends, Trish and Linda, and Linda’s little dog, Annie.
When everyone arrived back, the Pumpkin Carving Competition began with earnest…

Pumpkin Carving - bongobuddy.co.uk

And then it was time for fires and food – kindly arranged by several of the group, who had decided to feed everyone with wonderful offerings.

fire and food - bongobuddy.co.uk

Later, it was time to judge the Pumpkins. Can you spot the Bongo?

Pumpkins - bongobuddy.co.uk

As night fell, it was time to light things up…

Pumpkin Lights - bongobuddy.co.uk

And some things even started to look a bit spooky…

In the dark - bongobuddy.co.uk



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