Corrosion Protection

At some point in a Bongo conversation, the issue of rust and its prevention is going to be mentioned. The general consensus is that everyone needs to guard against under body corrosion by using something like underseal or Waxoyl. However, there are other products out there – some equal to, or better than, regular underseal or Waxoyl. (For purchase, try eBay, Amazon, Halfords, etc.)

Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 (Read their independent report here – produced by the University of Hertfordshire)

Dinitrol 447 underbody protection
Dinitrol 3125 for cavities

Hammerite underseal with Waxoyl in aerosol form

Owatrol Oil, described on their website as a ‘colourless, penetrating rust inhibitor & oil-based paint additive’.

Here are some randomly sourced comments from users of the products:

Waxoyl is inferior in its anti rust performance compared with Dinitrol.

From an application point of view, Dynax S50 is easier to apply than Waxoyl.

Black Waxoyl is better than the clear version.

Dinitrol tends to be used by many car manufactures and it applies well.

Bilt Hamber Dynax flows well.

For wheel arches and under floor – Hammerite underseal with Waxoyl in aerosol form.

Bongo Fury has some comprehensive [pdf] sheets about underseal and Waxoyl – but you will need to be a member to access them. You can get to the main [public] Bongo Clinic Archives page here.

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