Paint Codes

At some time or other, you are probably going to require some touch-up or other paint, for your Bongo. If you have a two-tone vehicle, the Japanese paint code does not provide the information required in the UK. Here is a useful chart produced by the Bongo Camper website:

Two-tone Mazda Bongo Colours

When the paint code is ‘two-tone’, for example when you Bongo is Green above and silver below, the code will be shown as 14E and you will need to purchase Neat Green 5S and/or Silent Silver 4Z.

Here are the two-tone paint codes:

14E = Neat Green 5S / Silent Silver 4Z
14F = Silver Stone 11B / Silent Silver 4Z
14N = Bordeaux Red 6R / Silent Silver 4Z
15J = Blue Violet Mica 11P / Silent Silver 4Z
17R = Indigo Blue 12N / Silent Silver 4Z
19N = Highlight Silver 18G / Silent Silver 4Z
A1H = Brilliant Black A2Y / Silent Silver 4Z
A2B = Brilliant Black A2Y / Silent Silver 4Z
A2G = Chaste White PT / Silent Silver 4Z
A2T = Chaste White PT / Highlight Silver 18G

Individual Colour Mazda Bongo Colours

Neat Green 5S
Chaste White PT
Silver Stone 11B
Silent Silver 4Z
Highlight Silver 18G
Brilliant Black A2Y
Indigo Blue 12N
Solomon Blue 11S
Whisper Green 11W
Bordeaux Red 6R
Blue Violet Mica 11P

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