Cleaning Headlights

A subject that repeatedly comes up on forum discussions, is Bongo headlights suffering from a yellow ageing film. Here are the most frequently provided solutions:

  1. Clean with toothpaste
  2. Use compound T-Cut
  3. Use G6 Compound Paste
  4. Try any mildly abrasive cleaning solution (e.g. domestic Cif cleaning fluid)
  5. Very fine wet & dry glass paper, followed by a polish
  6. Try a headlight restoration kit, such as 3M or Auto Glym, headlight restorer kit (try Amazon or eBay)

Headlight Restoration using Toothpaste

You can also buy kits, or you could improvise.

Headlight Cleaner To Remove Haze

How to restore your headlights using a Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit (try Amazon)

And here ‘s another:

Depending on the severity of your lens colouring, you may find the simple methods mentioned work fine. However, after trying various methods over time, I just wasn’t getting the clear result that I wanted – so in the end, I relented and used the 3M kit (drill version) which worked very well and took me about half an hour.

Headlight restoration -

And this is using G6 Paste Compound, as demonstrated by Dave Westgarth:

G6 Paste Compound Cleaning Lights with G6

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