Visitor Feedback

As a result of the Bongo Buddy Feedback Survey, I am most grateful for the comments shown below, provided with the permission of visitors who have used this website, and thank them for their positive support. (You can still contribute by taking the survey, here).

(5 Oct 2018 Note: Full results of the other areas of [anonymous] feedback will be posted in due course, and mentioned in the facebook groups, when the survey has had a bit more time to gather feedback.)

“Definitely worth looking on here if you are thinking of buying a Bongo or you already have one. Always good to learn by others mistakes.” –  Hazel, Southampton.

“As a single woman with dogs, it’s important to have male support with my van that I can trust.” – Irene, St Albans

“Brill site, must visit more often!” –  Jane B, South Derbys.

“Very useful, easy to use, no fuss resource. Thank you very much.” –  AJ (Alan Jackson), Gosport

“Brilliant resource! New to Bongos, and have found the website to be the first place I look for advice, how-to help, and general information.” – Murray G, Ayrshire

“Great resource for Bongo owner’s, everything all in one place.Thanks Richard.” – Stu, Gateshead.

“Helpfull site.” –  Geoff, London

“Am new to this but it is very useful.” (anon)

“Great useful site. Full of info.” –  Drew, Brighouse