There are some regions within the UK that are not located near to a Bongo specialist. However, Bongo owners do mention individuals who have successfully worked on their Bongos.

James Harper, based in Llanelli, Wales. Tel: 07813 191772 (One Bongo owner says: “James has many years experience on old VW campers and has had a few Bongos himself. He works full time for a company, but has a fully equipped workshop… A few other members have used him and are all happy with his work.”)

Julian Rogers (Berkshire – previously worked on Bongos for 321Away) (facebook page)

Wilts Car Care, Devizes in Wiltshire, but also covering parts of Bath & Somerset, Dorset & Berkshire. (Bongo owner, and founder of Wilts Car Care, Royston Heath has over 20 years of experience and offers servicing and repairs, where he can come out to you. He also offers budget conversions, solar panel fitting, split charge systems, and bespoke designs for specific needs). Also visit Royston’s Bongo Businesses Page (facebook)

Auto Electricians

Karl Chadwick – auto-electrical installation engineer
Karl can offer electrical advice and a fitting service, together with supply of the following: Wiring looms – including USB, circuit swap, and specialist (where people want extra provision, for example, in the rear of the Bongo), split charge kits, and extra power sockets. Karl has access to a number of suppliers and can source electrical parts. He also has a supplier who makes good quality battery trays.

Karl is a moderator on the Bongo Forum for Mazda Bongo Owners. You can PM (Private Message) him on facebook via the Mazda Bongo Owners page, or email him: