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This website is here to help all those who own, or plan to buy, a Mazda Bongo (or Ford Freda*) (Throughout this site, click on images to enlarge and see credits). If you find this site useful, or feel it could help others, please mention it. If you can’t find something, try putting it in the search box (right of this homepage, or top right above tabs), or look at the site map. If it exists, you will be shown any relevant pages. You may then have to look through the pages shown. Complete my short feedback survey.

Please note, I am not a complete expert on all things Bongo, and run this site alone. However, if you do make contact about Bongo related issues, I will try to help if I know the answer, or point you towards a group or people who may know more than I do.

  • Bongoing by Philip H - bongobuddy.co.uk

This website was created after I joined the national facebook group, Mazda Bongo Owners Club. The facebook group has proven to be an excellent meeting place that has brought together a friendly group of owners – and prospective owners. However, during my time with the group, I noticed that a lot of repetition for the same help or information was being requested, even though posted previously – sometimes on the same day or within the same week. With over 9,000 members, in the facebook group, it is hardly surprising that information disappears from the main page very quickly – although you can use the search facility in any facebook group, to locate past topics of conversation. Also look in the files and events sections of facebook groups.

Bongo Fury
Although facebook is used by most people for daily discussion and instant help, the main and original international club for Bongo and Freda owners is Bongo Fury, based in Sheffield, UK, run by Ian and Marianne Maynard. The club charges a small yearly membership and has a vast amount of information and help files, available to its members. Along with this, several member events are run throughout the year, the largest being the famous ‘UK National Bongo Bash – Stourport’.

Bongo Buddy aims to aggregate some of the best advice and information from the various owner groups, so that their members can direct people to the otherwise repeated information on facebook and in forums. This is not a commercial website, receives no payments for advertising, and is openly public for free use. I personally do not sell any merchandise from this website, or personally gain from the free listings of the businesses shown on the website.

Impartial information is collected and collated from various places around the internet, but is not taken from private member areas of other sites, unless permission is sought and/or given, or it also appears publicly in other places.

Mazda Bongo Photo by Natasha Pill - Reims FranceIf you are a Mazda Bongo owner, and would like to send images and information for consideration, I will gladly see what can be used to make the site both visually interesting and informative.

If you are a commercial business, specialising in anything Bongo-related, you are also welcome to send your name, website address, and your main activity. This will be added to a relevant area of the site, for people to see who is doing what and where.

Richard Gentle

(Left banner photo: Under the Perseid meteors in the Brecon Beacons – Grant Hyatt)

(Right banner photo: Cliffs seen from Filey – Richard Gentle)

*Ford Freda is the same as a Mazda Bongo – just badged by Ford. Throughout this website, I simply refer to ‘Mazda Bongo’, to save a long name description.